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                       Cremation In Orlando Florida -  $1700

                                           1  800  756  2311  24 Hours -

                          Simple Direct Cremation - Personalized Service


     * Transportation of deceased
     * Licensed professional time & staff services
     * Documents, permits, cremation authorization as required by Florida statutes
     * Medical examiner fee and coordination with Physician
     * One certified death certificate
     * Alternative container (Required by law to hold body during refrigeration) 
     * Cremation procedure
     * Rigid container for cremated remains
     * 48 State return of the Ashes

                                                    $1700 Total

                 No 3rd party fees to add - No other purchases required

                                           ...No Funeral
...No Viewing
                                           ...No Embalming
                                           ...No Expensive Casket
                                           ...No Costly Shipping
                                           ...No Hidden Charges

This service is designed to keep a difficult time as simple as possible and affordable. If you are sure your family’s desire for cremation and simplicity, this option may be the best choice. American Heritage is ready to assist you. Let our expertise help keep a difficult time simple. 

Serving all of Florida.

                        Advise Medical Professional to Call 1-800-756-2311

Forms to Complete:

1st. - Vital Statistics for Death Certificate

2nd.  -   American Heritage Cremation Contract

IF.....Your relative is at the Medical Examiner's office, we may need to generate a release.

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